Wednesday, May 08, 2013

A Quite Fresh Start

     I'm back losers!
     Hahaha kidding 
     Well, it's been ages ever since i write on this blog again. The last movie I saw on theatre and reviewed it here was Insidious and that was back when i was still deeply in love with my ex, HAHA! 
     I've been single for 18 months so you can only imagine how long it has been ever since i write shits as a blogger. 
     Surprisingly, people keep checking up my blog even though the content was nothing more than crappy movie review and celebrity picture i took from other website and re-upload. Still, thank you for reading my blog, if you read this post a week from now, a year or maybe more, the thank you is still in your favor *wink*.
     I want to start back quietly and more fresh right now. I'm done trying to be a good movie critic or a hipster my-life-is-only-for-fashion writer, i just want to pour my thoughts here, with some of my usual sarcastic remarks. 
      If you don't know me personally, there's more to this cute chinese guy than just white skin and slanted eyes, sometimes my mouth blabbered a lot and stupid stuff just come out without me knowing which house i've burned. But since you WON'T know me personally, enjoy my sarcastic saying about various topic I haven't decided yet. 
(lie, check the blog banner stupid)


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